The Wonderful world of Robert Rummer

portland mid century modern

It was after his wife came back from a visit to Walnut Creek California that Robert Rummer launched his modernist building company in 1959. She had seen what Joseph Eichler was achieving as a builder there and felt that her husband could build the same type of successful company here in the Portland area. Robert Rummer built many of his mid century modern homes in the close-in suburbs of Portland. Oak Hills, Beaverton, Gresham & Lake Oswego boast the most of his 700 or so homes that he constructed. The homes were unique, but all seemed to have a love of the natural surroundings. There always appeared to be an attempt to bring the natural surroundings indoors. This was achieved with the use of his signature atriums as well as the use of floor to ceiling glass windows. The homes also achieved an airy feeling with the use of vaulted ceilings, post & beam construction, non load-bearing interior walls. Many of which did not attach at the ceiling.

The style of these homes often called Mid century modern, or Northwest Contemporary have evolved from being the outcast style of the time to one that is adored by many for it's clean lines and aesthetic. All one has to do is take a look at any architectural, lifestyle, or contemporary periodical and you will see the styles of architects, such as Robert Rummer, emblazoned amongst it's pages. There are certainly are many that still adore the comfortable craftsman bungalow styles , but there are many new patrons for the style of architects such as Robert Rummer.



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